What are the Alps famous for?

There are countries around the world have tall mountain peaks and massive glaciers like the Swiss Alps, but the beauty at the swiss alps is what makes them very different and unique from all the other mountains. The diverse landscape and nature of the Alps are breathtaking, and this is one of the main reasons as to why so many tourists and mountaineers visit Switzerland every year for decades. Here are some of the prominent features of the Alps that make them famous among all the other tourist’s destinations in the world:

1. The beautiful scenery.
One of the stunning features you expect to see at the Alps is the bare and icy mountain peaks, fresh meadows, the sunny villages on the mountainsides surrounded by vineyards and palm trees. The mountain have the same scenery as the ones set up in a love story movie with a happy ending scene that always sticks in your mind replays every time in your mind after watching it. The breath of fresh air and the unique climate at the mountains also makes it one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.

2. The Wildlife at the Alps.
Think of a place with one of the most diverse and some of the rarest wildlife animals on the planet; It’s the Alps. There are different wild animals that you can not miss to see randomly such as wildcats, salamanders, vipers, squirrels, rabbits and many types of birds to mention a few. What makes the
wildlife at the Alps unique is the fact that you can find some of the animals that went almost completely extinct in other parts of western Europe but were managed to be reintroduced by the wildlife organizations. Such animals include the wolves, the fox, and the ibex. However you do not need to be too afraid of animals such as wolves, and bears as most of them pose no threat to human beings and tend to avoid them instead.

3. Easy to explore, unlike other mountainous regions.
If you are a fan of mountaineering and hiking, well the Alps is very interesting to explore. One of the best features is that unlike the other mountainous regions it is easy to visit many places that were only accessible to mountaineers; this is because the Alps have an excellent transport network and hey! You do not have to walk all the way up the mountains! The mountains have a great connection of cable cars, boats, (cogwheel) trains, funiculars, and post cars. It means that even those who are not mountaineers they can still have the same experience in the mountains; This is one peculiarity the Alps have that has made it more famous than any other mountains.

The Alps are undeniably famous for having one of the most beautiful landscapes. The high mountain tops and a scene that looks green and fresh is breathtaking, and it is the reason as to why many tourists visit Switzerland for holidays and getaways not to mention the many activities that happen there all year round.


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