Skiing in the Alps

There is no greater feeling that being on top of a mountain in the glorious sunshine and then skiing down it. When it comes to skiing there are hundreds of places around the planet where you can go at any time of the year but the question is, what is the number one area?

It has to be in a country that offers you some of the best skiing accommodation in the world, a country that can deliver plenty of fresh snow and one that can offer one of the highest mountains in the world accessible by man. This country is France! France is home to the Alps, one of the biggest mountain ranges in the world and home to Mont Blanc. At over 15,700ft (4,810m) Mont Blanc is one of the ultimate ski destinations and even if you aren’t into skiing it is so impressive that you might just want to stand and look at it.

The primary time for skiing in the Alps is from December to April when it is snowing the most, in the summer however the area is more popular with mountain climbers and hikers. The lower regions of the Alps when you are likely to be staying when in France are very well serviced by motorways and roads however, they can become quite dangerous when the weather is bad in the winter so you may wants to stick to the public transport i.e. railways and airports. It is easy to move around the Alps and even the various countries that they go into, when you travel from the western Alps (which lie in France) you can go to Slovenia, Austria, Switzerland, Germany and Italy. It is easy to see why they attract over 100 million visitors each year.

One of the most popular and beautiful areas to stay in when visiting the Alps in France is the Chamonix Valley, here you will find some great chalet’s to stay in whether it is only a couple of people or a large group travelling. The area is perfect as it sits right within the Alps enabling you to get the most out of each day you spend there. You may be asking why France? Surely I could go to Switzerland, Italy or Austria and get some nice chalet’s to stay in. Well, the answer is that France has two things all the other countries don’t, great food and Mont Blanc! This is not just a ski holiday you are going on, you are a going to experience France as well. France is world renowned for its cuisine, its chefs are amongst the best in the world and with the popularity of skiing in France many are located in this region.

France is so impressive because it packs everything good about a holiday and exploration and offers it all. You aren’t in an area that feels touristy, while there are quite a few people there on the slopes and in the towns in peak season you still feel like when you go up the mountains you are the first person to have walked there. There are many opportunity’s to get away from it all and go off the beaten track, you don’t have to go where everybody else goes. As I said earlier though, it is now only for the outdoor activities, it is a place to go and marvel at the natural beauty of the area, to take in a different culture and try new things but most of all it is a place where you can totally escape you normal day to day life. When you come back from the Alps in France you will feel totally refreshed and ready to get back to work!

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Alps Holiday Ideas

For people who get enjoyment from winter sport activities when on holiday, Gstaad is one of the very best places to visit. The mountains and slopes offer skiing and snowboarding that is suitable for all levels and ages, and there is of course plenty of other things to do, here are just some of the many activities to enjoy when holidaying in the Alps.
Skiing is one of the many sports that travellers take winter vacations for, there are many stunning slopes with each offering different challengers, and this means that you can enjoy a day on the slopes whether you are a newcomer to skiing or a professional.

Sledding is another very popular sport that sees travellers each year making their way to this stunning part of the world, visitors can choose from many runs or they may choose to take the easy life and be pulled along by huskies.
Do you prefer to get about on your own and in your own time, if so you might want to enjoy the fresh air and take a leisurely hike through the mountains, valleys and slopes, with over 20 trails to choose from you have a great choice?

If you are a novice skier you do not have to worry that you will feel left out on holiday as there are numerous learning slopes, nurseries and schools, you are able to learn at your own pace and do just as much as you want to do whether you are skiing or snowboarding.

Not everyone likes such strenuous exercise while on holiday, if you do not want to take part in the typical winter sports why not do something different and take a tour in a horse drawn carriage, see the sights whilst snuggled up in a blanket toasty warm.

There are many restaurants set on the mountains and trails throughout Gstaad, so you have no reason to have to rush off the mountain, or back from your walk to eat, there is something for everyone from local cuisine to culinary delights that you may not have eaten before in some of the finest 5 star restaurants.

Finally, you might want to consider taking in sightseeing from the air by way of a flight over various routes, fly over the stunning mountains, and see the valleys and trails from a very different angle than on the ground.
These are just a few of the numerous and many exciting things that you are able to enjoy during your vacation to the stunning mountains of Gstaad, whether you take your vacation during the winter or summer months you will not be stuck for entertainment as Gstaad offers just as much fun in the sun as it does in the winter.

If you prefer to watch others taking part in activities rather than taking part yourself there are plenty of events in Gstaad. Why not sit back and enjoy the Gstaad Suisse Open, it more than just a load of balls. Alternatively you may wish to sit back and relax and enjoy the Lord Yehudi Menhuin festival, Gstaad has so much to offer!

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What are the Alps famous for?

There are countries around the world have tall mountain peaks and massive glaciers like the Swiss Alps, but the beauty at the swiss alps is what makes them very different and unique from all the other mountains. The diverse landscape and nature of the Alps are breathtaking, and this is one of the main reasons as to why so many tourists and mountaineers visit Switzerland every year for decades. Here are some of the prominent features of the Alps that make them famous among all the other tourist’s destinations in the world:

1. The beautiful scenery.
One of the stunning features you expect to see at the Alps is the bare and icy mountain peaks, fresh meadows, the sunny villages on the mountainsides surrounded by vineyards and palm trees. The mountain have the same scenery as the ones set up in a love story movie with a happy ending scene that always sticks in your mind replays every time in your mind after watching it. The breath of fresh air and the unique climate at the mountains also makes it one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.

2. The Wildlife at the Alps.
Think of a place with one of the most diverse and some of the rarest wildlife animals on the planet; It’s the Alps. There are different wild animals that you can not miss to see randomly such as wildcats, salamanders, vipers, squirrels, rabbits and many types of birds to mention a few. What makes the
wildlife at the Alps unique is the fact that you can find some of the animals that went almost completely extinct in other parts of western Europe but were managed to be reintroduced by the wildlife organizations. Such animals include the wolves, the fox, and the ibex. However you do not need to be too afraid of animals such as wolves, and bears as most of them pose no threat to human beings and tend to avoid them instead.

3. Easy to explore, unlike other mountainous regions.
If you are a fan of mountaineering and hiking, well the Alps is very interesting to explore. One of the best features is that unlike the other mountainous regions it is easy to visit many places that were only accessible to mountaineers; this is because the Alps have an excellent transport network and hey! You do not have to walk all the way up the mountains! The mountains have a great connection of cable cars, boats, (cogwheel) trains, funiculars, and post cars. It means that even those who are not mountaineers they can still have the same experience in the mountains; This is one peculiarity the Alps have that has made it more famous than any other mountains.

The Alps are undeniably famous for having one of the most beautiful landscapes. The high mountain tops and a scene that looks green and fresh is breathtaking, and it is the reason as to why many tourists visit Switzerland for holidays and getaways not to mention the many activities that happen there all year round.


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What countries are in the Alps?

As probably the most lofty mountains on the planet, the Alps extend roughly 750 miles through focal Europe crosswise over eight unique nations. These pinnacles have dazzling green backwoods and also year around snow-topped pinnacles pulling in vacationers from around the globe. An investigation of these mountains allows you to investigate a few unique dialects and societies that span back a great many years. Here is a glance at a portion of the best places to investigate in this Alpine world.

The Alps are a sickle molded mountain run that circular segments from southeastern France northward toward Switzerland. The French Alps pull in millions in the winter because of the top notch ski inclines and beautiful Alpine towns. The mid year likewise has stunning open doors for wilderness boating, climbing, and biking and is far less packed than in the winter months. There are reflect like mountain lakes, the biggest being Lake Geneva offering year around water sports. There are a few resort towns that you can discover awesome housing, for example, Chamonix and Grenoble, where the winter Olympics were held in 1968. In the event that you like to investigate littler urban communities however, the medieval city of Yvoire is delightful summer or winter. The least demanding, and most beautiful path, to achieve the Alps is via prepare.

Heading right over the French outskirt you will end up in the Swiss Alps. Huge numbers of the towns in the Swiss Alps are famous with travelers so on the off chance that you wind up there in crest ski season, prepare yourself for the group. Gimmelwald is a quintessential Swiss mountain town found high in the Bernese Mountains. The town is difficult to get to and is just open via prepare, no autos are permitted here however it makes it an extraordinary place to walk around while getting a charge out of the perspectives and Swiss cheddar. Another Bernese Mountain town is Grindelwald with interesting chalets and skiing. While in the Bernese Mountains, ensure you jump a ride on the recorded Jungfrau railroad for probably the most grand prepare rides you’ll discover as it navigates the mountain however a lot of it is inside a passage. Other well known towns incorporate Interlaken and

The Swiss Alps have lovely canyons, thick woods, and cascades, for example, the Truemmelbach Waterfall, and grand lakes. Regardless of whether in winter or summer, you can discover such a large number of chances to appreciate the wonder of nature, also examining the cheddar that has made this region similarly as momentous.

Only south of the Swiss fringe and you will go to the Italian side of the mountain. The capital city of this district is Aosta and not just has the pleasant mountain perspectives and ski openings, yet you additionally get a to see some old Roman demolishes also. The biggest crest here is the Mont Blanc. Another city incorporates the German talking city of Bolzano with numerous eateries, galleries and lodgings, and also Meran with its various spas and astounding eateries and inns and it a prevalent excursion spot for some Germans. Both of these urban communities have a long history, a lot of which can at present be seen today.

Proceeding with our voyage eastbound and you are in the Austrian Central Alps. Inside these mountains you will discover wonderful cheddar producers and journal ranches, something which most Alpine individuals take extraordinary pride in. The air here in this high slopes shrouded in verdant slants is fresh and spotless just like the profound lakes that were cut out ages prior by the icy masses. There are various Alpine resorts here to look over and has the greater part of the skiing and mountaineering openings you would hope to discover anyplace in the Alps. The capital city of Innsbruck has an incredible medieval history with the greater part of the engineering and appeal of the old city. It’s an ideal city to stroll around and appreciate the destinations. Near to you will discover the towns of Alpbach which are renowned for the blossom embellished overhangs and noteworthy motels. In the event that you are a devotee of “The Sound of Music” film, at that point a stop at Salzburg is for you as it was highlighted in the motion picture. The slopes incline down to wonderful lakes making this a most loved strolling goal.

The northeastern outskirt of the Alps and the southern tip of Germany and you are in what is known as the Bavarian Alps. These etched inclines are steep, however not as high as in different locales and dunk down into clear lakes in the valleys. Streams wind their way through the mountains and thick woods influencing it to ideal for those seeking after grand boating and climbing openings. There are numerous little towns to investigate and keep in mind to attempt a portion of the amazing lager while in the territory.

The last stop in the Alps is the eastern European nation of Slovenia. This is the place the Alps meet the Mediterranean Sea. There are lovely mountain pinnacles, cascades, and immense woods, also antiquated towns and towns. Quite a bit of this territory has pristine wild to investigate and curious towns that will take you back to medieval circumstances. These inclines have been gone to by Kings and Presidents for a considerable length of time due to the spectacular perspectives and lakes, including a congregation situated on a minor island amidst a need.

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