Skiing in the Alps

There is no greater feeling that being on top of a mountain in the glorious sunshine and then skiing down it. When it comes to skiing there are hundreds of places around the planet where you can go at any time of the year but the question is, what is the number one area?

It has to be in a country that offers you some of the best skiing accommodation in the world, a country that can deliver plenty of fresh snow and one that can offer one of the highest mountains in the world accessible by man. This country is France! France is home to the Alps, one of the biggest mountain ranges in the world and home to Mont Blanc. At over 15,700ft (4,810m) Mont Blanc is one of the ultimate ski destinations and even if you aren’t into skiing it is so impressive that you might just want to stand and look at it.

The primary time for skiing in the Alps is from December to April when it is snowing the most, in the summer however the area is more popular with mountain climbers and hikers. The lower regions of the Alps when you are likely to be staying when in France are very well serviced by motorways and roads however, they can become quite dangerous when the weather is bad in the winter so you may wants to stick to the public transport i.e. railways and airports. It is easy to move around the Alps and even the various countries that they go into, when you travel from the western Alps (which lie in France) you can go to Slovenia, Austria, Switzerland, Germany and Italy. It is easy to see why they attract over 100 million visitors each year.

One of the most popular and beautiful areas to stay in when visiting the Alps in France is the Chamonix Valley, here you will find some great chalet’s to stay in whether it is only a couple of people or a large group travelling. The area is perfect as it sits right within the Alps enabling you to get the most out of each day you spend there. You may be asking why France? Surely I could go to Switzerland, Italy or Austria and get some nice chalet’s to stay in. Well, the answer is that France has two things all the other countries don’t, great food and Mont Blanc! This is not just a ski holiday you are going on, you are a going to experience France as well. France is world renowned for its cuisine, its chefs are amongst the best in the world and with the popularity of skiing in France many are located in this region.

France is so impressive because it packs everything good about a holiday and exploration and offers it all. You aren’t in an area that feels touristy, while there are quite a few people there on the slopes and in the towns in peak season you still feel like when you go up the mountains you are the first person to have walked there. There are many opportunity’s to get away from it all and go off the beaten track, you don’t have to go where everybody else goes. As I said earlier though, it is now only for the outdoor activities, it is a place to go and marvel at the natural beauty of the area, to take in a different culture and try new things but most of all it is a place where you can totally escape you normal day to day life. When you come back from the Alps in France you will feel totally refreshed and ready to get back to work!

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