Alps Holiday Ideas

For people who get enjoyment from winter sport activities when on holiday, Gstaad is one of the very best places to visit. The mountains and slopes offer skiing and snowboarding that is suitable for all levels and ages, and there is of course plenty of other things to do, here are just some of the many activities to enjoy when holidaying in the Alps.
Skiing is one of the many sports that travellers take winter vacations for, there are many stunning slopes with each offering different challengers, and this means that you can enjoy a day on the slopes whether you are a newcomer to skiing or a professional.

Sledding is another very popular sport that sees travellers each year making their way to this stunning part of the world, visitors can choose from many runs or they may choose to take the easy life and be pulled along by huskies.
Do you prefer to get about on your own and in your own time, if so you might want to enjoy the fresh air and take a leisurely hike through the mountains, valleys and slopes, with over 20 trails to choose from you have a great choice?

If you are a novice skier you do not have to worry that you will feel left out on holiday as there are numerous learning slopes, nurseries and schools, you are able to learn at your own pace and do just as much as you want to do whether you are skiing or snowboarding.

Not everyone likes such strenuous exercise while on holiday, if you do not want to take part in the typical winter sports why not do something different and take a tour in a horse drawn carriage, see the sights whilst snuggled up in a blanket toasty warm.

There are many restaurants set on the mountains and trails throughout Gstaad, so you have no reason to have to rush off the mountain, or back from your walk to eat, there is something for everyone from local cuisine to culinary delights that you may not have eaten before in some of the finest 5 star restaurants.

Finally, you might want to consider taking in sightseeing from the air by way of a flight over various routes, fly over the stunning mountains, and see the valleys and trails from a very different angle than on the ground.
These are just a few of the numerous and many exciting things that you are able to enjoy during your vacation to the stunning mountains of Gstaad, whether you take your vacation during the winter or summer months you will not be stuck for entertainment as Gstaad offers just as much fun in the sun as it does in the winter.

If you prefer to watch others taking part in activities rather than taking part yourself there are plenty of events in Gstaad. Why not sit back and enjoy the Gstaad Suisse Open, it more than just a load of balls. Alternatively you may wish to sit back and relax and enjoy the Lord Yehudi Menhuin festival, Gstaad has so much to offer!

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